Memory Motel: A Rock And Roll Fantasy, Part Three Section Five: The End Of The Universe

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Part Three: In The Aftermath


9 – Blue Eyes

No, I didn’t die and I hadn’t stopped time. But I was in both places on the same time. My presence would be required on earth apparently, though I was still clueless as to what was going on, -as God I am of course omnipotent, but sometimes I cloud information from myself, sometimes I can’t let myself know.  I checked  in at administration, so was everybody else. No time to recover from anything for me, I went straight into a huge meeting –free form thoughts from all over, a mammoth conclave of ideas and thoughts brimming with excitement. This was all very new and sitting next to Fatou, “When was the last time something like this happened.”

“I have never ever seen anything like it.”

“I have, I think so. The decision to make the Universe was the very last time. The entire idea of us is in one place and it feels like something major is happening but what? Then all at once all our brains connected at the same time, and the idea came straight through. Maybe enough of the Universe, there was no real need for it. Nothing left to understand and we seemed to spend all our time dealing with the ramifications. Let’s move on.

Different ideas flooded from all directions, those who hadn’t been in the Universe in a million years had no interest in maintaining it, those who had left recently didn’t want it taken away and everybody less argued and more thought through and in the end there was one thing they all agreed upon. What was so special about matter? What had it ever given us.

“We don’t need matter to signify us, we play with matter through thought. It was a good idea but really what can it give us we don’t have? Nothing. Everything it provides for us we can get through thought and let’s be honest, it takes so much so to reacclimatize. Why put ourselves through something where we gain nothing.”

“We gain empathy. We gain what we can’t have: an end.”

“But so what? We don’t have ends, we don’t have beginnings. How can we empathize with ourselves. We have always had the ability to be a part and also together, we gain nothing by doing it so drastically.”

“Mortality, having beginnings and ends, has changed the very fabric of us. It has improved us. It has made us more aware of what we are. It has made us fuller and more complete and not stuck in time or place, yet still a counter awareness of time and place we never could have had.

“So, now we have it. We’ve learnt and whatever gains we have we lose by spending so much time on something that is essentially irrelevant. It is like we spend our energy playing a game.”

“Why would that be wrong.”

“Because it is like dreaming when there is no reason for us to dream. It is useless. Name one think the Unoverse has given us we couldn’t have done ourelves.”

“The Rolling Stones”, I thought, getting through the huge beehive of ideas.  “It gave us the Rolling Stones.”

A cheer came up and Stones song buzzed about us. Not one or the other but all of them, but not all of them, the essential Stonesness of all of their songs came out like one note that entered into us, like a ringing of a bell as though every sound in the Aftermath was all one sound, every thought was one sound and it rang clearly and rang and rang and rang and the sense of uniformed joy in the sound overwhelmed us until another thought interfered. “But they are dead now so what?”

“There will never be another Rolling Stones”

“It is over.”

“It is over”.

“The tour isn’t over”. That was me there. “Just because they’re dead, why would that stop the Rolling Stones?”

“How is that possible?”

“It is going to happen.”

“It is against the rules.”

“Even so, it is still going to happen. I know the Stones, I’ve been with them for the past four years. No way does this end here, we are going back… I mean they are going back.”

And just like that, it became clear what this was all about, why I had been born into Ron’s household, what was going to happen.”

“I bet it doesn’t happen” somebody though. And there was a murmur of agreement but I drowned it out. “I take that bet. If the Stones complete one final concert on earth, the Universe survives till its natural ending, if it doesn’t, it ends now.”

We like a good bet in the Aftermath, we are a playful lot, and throughout everything a huge roar of approval, me as well. I didn’t know how I was going to do it but I had been in the Universe since the Big Bang and I wasn’t going to let it go without a fight. We liked a good fight in the Aftermath.

Fatou asked, “Anything I can do to help? I still have family in Senegal, I am not ready to bring them here quite yet.”

“I’m not sure where to begin?”

“Begin at the top.”

“Mick Jagger?”

“Sure that’s what I would do. Do you know where he is.”

I thought for a moment and glommed on him as ten year old boy adventuring in a forest. “Yes, but I don’t know if I should interrupt him. He had an amazing life and he will need time to readjust.”

“Does he have any?” Fatou asked.

“I guess he doesn’t. What should I do.”

“He knows you as Blue Eyes, Ron Wood’s dog, reintroduce yourself that way.”

“That’s a good idea and what about you, Fatou? How can you help.”

“Let me go after Keith Richards. He has reached out to his Grandfather and they are spending all their time drinking and singing… and sleeping with women. His father is with them as well.”

“Can you interrupt?”

“Yes, I think I can get their attention” she said with a smile creasing her face.

“Good, you go after Keith, I’ll deal with Mick. Maybe we can save the Universe yet.


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