Memory Motel: A Rock And Roll Fantasy, Part Three Section Fourteen: Smokin’

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Part Three: In The Aftermath


18 – Mick Jagger

I pushed Blue Eyes on her back and I stared into her eyes and I stated my terms: “I don’t understand what is happening, I don’t understand how it works, I want you to explain it.

She shook me off, “Let’s fuck again” she said.

“That’s OK, we can spend the next year fucking, I’d quite like that, but until I get some answers that’s all we’re doing.

Blue Eyes opened my cigs, lit one. “Yuck Benson And Hedges”, she said, then switched it to a Marlboro red and took a deep drag. “There are no rules here but what we’ve fpund is it is easier for you if you work it out by yourself instead of having it shoved down your throat something, based on the last twelve hours, I assume you are better at giving than receiving.”

I laughed at this, “That’s fine, except you want me to save the world…”

“The Universe, actually…”

“Fine the Universe actually, I want to know why it needs saving. None of it makes sense, it is all mumbo jumbo bullshit.”

“Alright, alright. I’ll do my best to simplify what is happening in the Aftermath. It’s like in the Bible, first there was the word and the word was ‘I think’. “

“That’s not how…”

“Will you listen?”

I turned round and watched her, flicking ashtray at the bed and watching it disappear before it hit the sheet. I listened.


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