Memory Motel: A Rock And Roll Fantasy, Part Three Section Thirteen: The Longer I’m Dead

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Part Three: In The Aftermath


17 – Ian Stewart

The longer I’m dead, the more I enjoy it. It took me twenty years to stop living on my own personal earth replica but once I did,. I found it so interesting, so many different world, so many different personal worlds within worlds. I spent five years with strange sentient beings in a world without very very light gravity, when I jumped I leapt and when I leapt I flied with so many friends. Perfect for gold, of course. They claim it was invented in their world and some field trippers brought it to Scotland. Rubbish, of course. And over the years I was a family and made families and waited patiently for the Stones to arrive. My family. And when they did I knew it would be a long long time before they’d be ready for me, or maybe it wouldn’t happen at all.

All I knew for sure is they weren’t ready yet and still I was looking forward to seeing my brothers again. I watched them on all their tours, I loved them I guess. The band and my son were the only things I really bothered with on earth any more. And like a scene from an old Bogie movie, I was playing boogie on my gravity strange other planer and in walked Keith, Ron and Charlie, with two beautiful black chicks, one I recognized as going by a new name now: Susan Joly.

I knew Susan pretty well, she’d hang out here all the time and I realized she was involved in many aspects of the Aftermath despite not having been here so long. I liked her, she had a youthfulness about her and the sort of mix of acceptance and rebellion so central to being dead here. She wasn’t part of my inner posse and I was surprised she brought the Stones here to visit. It isn’t the way things are usually done. I just kept playing, a little Ellington, a little Stevie Wonder, I threw in some Jimmy Johnson for taste. And I waited;


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