MFT 12-30-11

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1. The Little White Bull – Tommy Steele – The most bizarre kids song of all time. The titular bull's biggest ambition was to be part of a bullfight and be stabbed to death by Spanish guys. The moral is… actually, I'm not sure what the moral. dates from 1959, so I guess that might explain it.

2. Don't be Shy – Cat Stevens – Off Helen's fave movie "Harold And Maude", though it didn't make it to Tea For The Tillerman for some reason.

3. Living Doll – Cliff Richard – I wonder if this song inspired John Fowles "The collector". You know, the one where this weirdo kidnaps a girl and keeps her captive like a butterfly collector. Cliff wants to lock her away, himself.

4. Oom Poo Pah – Shani Wallis – Sang the hell outta this in the movie, and it was a tough take as well. Plus, she had to save Oliver while she was at it. Three of the first four songs were by Lionel Bart and all three are weird. here, the sound of a trumpet reflects hidden desire? Disastrous decision making? best line: "you can see her garters but not for free and gratis…"

5. Television Light – Marshall Crenshaw – I'm trying to get Helen to change the name of her weekly TV column to this.

6. That's Just What You Are – Aimee Mann – Caught Aimee on the I'm With Stupid tour at Irving Plaza and wore the tee shirt out.

7. Forever Yours – Alex day – I wonder if this will cross over Stateside.

8. White Telephone – Charlotte Gainsbourg – I am thinking of forming a band and calling them Fat Charlotte Gainsbourg.

9. Over My Dead Body – Drake – Long after I've forgotten Throne, I am still taking care.

10. Senses – The Suicide Dolls


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