Michael Forever: The Tribute Concert Is October 8th In Wales

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Conflicted? Moi? Damn straight.

I think the bare facts are obvious. MJ was a fucked up mess who was attracted to underage boys.

And so what?

Jackson was a creepy nutcase, he shoulda been in jail but managed to buy his way out. Let's be real clear, this is pretty straight up stuff; the man was Dorian Gray only it was his real face that disintegrated and… so what? How is that my problem? It is not for me to judge either him or anybody else. Except for musically. And musically he is the crown Prince of Pop.

And on October 8th in Cardiff, Wales (no I don't know why there either), a tribute to the late whackozoid will be occurring. Starring Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, Leona Lewis and Smokey Robinson.

KISS were invited but dropped after Gene Simmons perfectly accurate interview about Jackson came to light.

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