MIchael Jackson Has Made $310M Since His Death In 2009

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I’ve heard of being worth more dead than alive but this is insane. The estate of Michael Jackson has made $310 Million since his death a year and a half ago.

This has NOTHING to do with good business management. It seems self evident to me, that Sony and the estate blew his first post-humous release and cast huge credibility gaps on what is real and what is not in the, resumably, huge library of unreleased MJ material.

So what?

So the world gave MJ for being an insane, immoral pederast and got back into the music.

The question is, can Sony Presley him. Can they start on the decadses long remastering, re-releasing of everything MJ ever touched?

$310M? If they can? There will be billions more.

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