Middle Class Rut Rockstar Uproar Festival Hartford Saturday August 10th 2013

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The Uproar Festival this year was uh…interesting.  There was everyone from middle school boys to drunk moms.  I arrived surprised at the low turnout; the place was dead.  The first thing to impress me or even grab my interest at all was Middle Class Rut.

MC Rut is an absolutely brilliant band.  The frontman, Zack Lopez, was a powerhouse from the second he stepped on stage.  His intensity got me pumped up.  Their sound was crisp and clear, and completely drew me in.  I would’ve had no idea that the band is actually a duo had I not looked it up.  The three other musicians on stage were in sync with Zack and Sean, the original two, to the point where it seemed nearly impossible for there to be such perfect musicianship.

The drummer Sean was crazy; he had so much energy and all his movements were precise and careful, being the backbone of the intense sound coming out of the speakers.  His skill was stunning, and translated very well live, which is hard to do with such intricate drumming.  It usually gets lost amongst the craziness of shows, especially outside, but that was not the case.

MC Rut totally blew me away.  Their sheer energy alone would be enough for anyone in the audience; on top of that their spot-on sound, punchy lyrics, and punk rock attitude made them the best band on any of the side stages.  They rose above the crappy faux-metal/rock bands that preceded and followed with their talent alone; they blew everyone else out of the water.



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