Military Wive's Choir To Be UK's Xmas Single 2011

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There is a sort of sound that makes me jump out of the window. The quasi-operatic, sacrosant, sorta Andrew Lloyd Webber in sound and it is currently destroying the British airwaves.

They took the words from letters written by wives of military personnel and added music tby the dreadful Royal Wedding composer Paul Mealor. it is worse than it sounds. Together they manifested themselves in a 300, 000 copies selling piece of cotton candy Military Wives Choir "Wherever You Are". I know, it sounds like a reality show, right?

You would think there isn't a saving grace note to this crap but there is. It will beat The X Factor winning Little Mix's cover of Damien Rice's "Cannonball" for 2011's UK Chrismas single. Cowell is being a good sport about it, not that he has much choice. And it is actually better than Little Mix ,who are a pi-nup in search of a band sound.

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