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Miranda Glory


Los Angeles-based artist Miranda Glory has released a brand new music video for her latest single “Hypochondriac.” Born from Glory’s obsession with WebMD, this track explores the interesting parallels between the fear of diseases and the anxieties we experience in relationships. During a late night songwriting session with a few close friends, she wrote the lyrics to visually convey these feelings, and laid them over a catchy melody syncopated with beats. Directors Dri Sommer and Nicol Biesek said of the video’s concept, “We wanted to create a world for the viewers to embark on our version of a hypochondriac’s surreal, emotional journey. The first line of the song “I make something out of nothing” was the initial inspiration which led us to explore the different stages of paranoia and anxiety in the context of a manipulative romantic connection.”

As her career continues to heat up, be sure to check out the honest lyrics from this very talented songstress.” –PopDust

This hypnotic new track follows Glory’s previous collaboration “Stain” with Colin Chase and Gill Chang that came out on KnightVision Records earlier this year. Before that, she also collaborated with established European Artist & DJ Tujamo on the single “Body Language” (feat. Miranda Glory & Haris) and with R3HAB & Noah Neiman for the single “We Do (feat. Miranda Glory)” which debuted on 25 of Spotify’s New Music Fridays worldwide in April and has since garnered over 7.3 million plays.

“Immediately her voice drives the song; airy, gentle, and singular, every line Miranda delivers is haunting & biting in its directness. Each hook lodges in your head and I can imagine the chorus being sung by a roomful of loyal fans. Miranda Glory is an immense talent, both on the mic, and with pen; I can’t wait to hear whatever comes next!” We Found New Music

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“By allowing herself to be vulnerable, she creates a connection with people who can relate to what she’s feeling. Her music shows the maturity of a veteran pop icon, yet she is just getting started. “Hypochondriac” is more than your typical Top 40 track. Its sharp lyrics, syncopated beats, and smooth vocals create something magical, and Glory is on her way to the top.” – Imperfect Filth




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