Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol (More Or Less)

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Many years ago, I watched an episode of Mission Impossible in which a bank robber stashed his loot in a secret hiding place just before he was arrested and put in the slammer. 30 years later, Mr Phelps mission, if he chose to accept it, was to get the recently released man to lead them to where the money was hidden. So, in one of the most elaborate cons ever done, they make the robber believe he has traveled back in time to the day of the robbery and reliving the day.

Pretty awesome, right? Tom Cruise couldn't imagine such a concept if he watched the show every day for a year. No, but he can imagine the big bam boom, quasi-meaningless, constantly unreal, and high impact, loud noise, action packed Hollywood magic.

And it ain't bad in his reboot of Mission Impossible, the movie franchise: Ghost Protocol. Ethan Hunt is in a Moscow jail, gets sprung, goes after secret nuclear armament codes, doesn't get em, claws his way up Dubai's stunning largest building in the world Burg El Khalifa, goes to a party in India, saves the world from nuclear destruction, and ends up having a beer in Seattle.

Along for the ride is a very good Simon Pegg as the IT guy, a less good Jeremy Renner and a career making turn by Paula Patton -you won't be able to throw a brick without seeing her in a movie within six months.

The action is first rate, one set piece to another, but when your high concept is making a buyer of info and a seller of info, think they are meeting each other and not agents, we aren't talking high concept.

It actually drags a little in the beginning and the ending is so cutesy you wanna punch Cruise, but otherwise it is a cool way to kill a couple of hours. If it had a thought in its pretty little head, it might be dangerous.

Musically, not much going on. Dean Martin's "Ain't That A Kick In The Head" playing during a a prison break while a guard is getting… nah, it ain't worth writing. And Lalo Schrifin's iconic theme is remixed nicely especially at the start of the movie.

Movie: B

Music: C+


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