Moby 'Lie Down In Darkness' reviewed

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Moby, my vegan bro, do I love or hate you?  I don't know and I think it fluctuates with the weather or my soy intake, not sure.

I present to you the moody new video from Moby's single 'Lie Down In Darkness'.  This is a story of an astronaut looking back on his life and career.  Visually beautiful as it shows an enhanced London, it  lends dark an ominous feel to an already emo charged song.

I want to stop and say the video is very nice, I don't dislike it its not a disaster.  The song on the other hand is fantastic.  Less ego more "Play", its where Moby needs to stay.  Melancholy but surreal with just a touch of cosmic dust.  When Moby goes heavy on the soy latte's and becomes hipster he becomes a parody of the genius he is. The boy needs to float- just stay the course and stop trying to out hip himself.

I adore this track- the video is pleasant, and today I love Moby. Tomorrow?  Who knows.

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