Moby Will Play Three Exclusive Shows At The Echo In March

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May be Spaceland Presents is becoming too big for me and you, I mean, after concentrating on the local scene for years (and they are still doing that) they are booking more and more famous acts, and they have started to restrict the photography to the first three songs during their shows, whereas we have always been totally free inside the Echo and Echoplex. May be they want to become the new Goldenvoice, may be these years of complete freedom are over. It’s true there is a lot going on in Los Angeles, and plenty of alternative gigs everywhere, but it’s difficult to avoid Spaceland Presents, since they basically produce a great percentage of the coolest shows in town.

Do you want another proof they are a big deal? Moby has booked three exclusive shows at the Echo in March. The musician, who has adopted Los Angeles as his hometown, didn’t pick the Fonda, the El Rey or any other famous LA venues like the Troubadour for his exclusive mini tour, he actually will only do 5 shows all together, 2 in New York City and 3 in Los Angeles, and the 3 LA shows are the exclusivity of Spaceland Presents.

This will come just after the release, on March 2nd via Mute Records, of his album entitled ‘Everything was Beautiful, and Nothing Hurt’, a new collection of songs which are said to be Trip-Hop-Inspired

‘It goes back to the humanity of it,’ Moby told Billboard. ‘Because that’s the common denominator: who are we as a species and why have we made so many egregious, terrible choices? The punk rocker in me wants to yell at us as a species and say, ‘Stop making these terrible choices,’ but the other part of me who’s maybe aspiring to some enlightenment just wants to try and be understanding and compassionate. And I also feel like that’s a better way to get us to stop making terrible choices, if you can actually deal with people with compassion and understand why they’re making these terrible choices in the first place.’

The three shows at the Echo on March 14th, 15th and 16th are obviously already sold (the tickets went very fast), and since Moby admits he never goes on tour, there was a high demand, especially for such an intimate venue. However, if you are a die hard fan, there is always a possibility through this Lyte site that resells fans’ tickets.

Meanwhile you can listen to one of his new songs below, ‘Like A Motherless Child’, a sort of spoken words over a Massive Attack-inspired soundtrack.


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