Monday Morning Rock: A Lot Of Good Will

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1. Blow Shit Up – The Kominas – Rocking' the Casbah with Islamic core boys from Boston.

2. I Can Transform You – Chris brown – The kid holds his own on a superior slab of modern hip hop.

3. Ships Passing Through The Night – Jimi Hendrix – Ordinary (By Jimi's standards), blues cruncher.

4. New Jersey In Denial – Solange Radio – A Magpie-Bach fave, second generation Panic and really, really good. Where are they?

5. New new Minglewood Blues – Grateful Dead – As bad as the title suggest. Maybe worse.

6. Barcelona – Rufus Wainwright -Gorgeous singer-songwriter piano song. Why did he have to grow up?

7. Long gone (From the Bowling Green) – Armstrong and Thelma Middleton in playful mode.

8. Honey – Erykah Badu – It's not that it's bad, it's that it is complex for no reason.

9. Crossed Wires – Superchunk – These guys aren't punk any more, they are pure rock.

10. Just Playing (Dreams) – Notorious B. I. G. – Maybe it wasn't the best hip hop album, maybe it is too embryonic. Maybe a little later on the sampling woulda become wilder and the rapping… well, it couldn't have been better only more. But maybe it is the best rap album. I think maybe it is.

11. Banned By The Man -SSLYBY – the most purely melodic power pop band in the world at the peak of their powers.

12. Charmed Life – Mick Jagger – In his biography, Keith says that essentially Keith wrote the music, Jagger the music. Here Jagger does both and what you lose in rhythm you gain in BPM.

13. Up The Devil's Pay – Old 97's – Worst song off a classic country rock power pop album.

14. Keep The Can Running – The Arcade Fire – As Juliana Hatfield once put it: hate the sinner, but love the sin.

15. .Easy Morning Rebel – My Morning Jacket – Sounds like the start of a Grateful Dead country song.

16. You Ain't Got Nothing – Lil Wayne – Is that Fabolous? Yep, it is.

17. Party Life – Jay-Z – Off Jigga's last great album.

18. Be My Baby – John Lennon –  This is a demo. He invested his rock and roll covers with so much fucking weirdness. and takes a full minute plus before Lennon howls and sings distractedly sexily.

19. Driving – PJ Harvey – I loved the 4-Track Demo album (an early working of Rid Of Me) that 18 years older has so much good will from me, I follow her anywhere.

20.Damage – Ol' Dirty Bastard – He was so crazy it was easy to forget, he could rap like a motherfucker.

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