More Proof That Coldplay Are Bedwetters

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Chris Martin Sucks

Not that it is needed but hot the heels of my worst bands of 2011 post, here is further proof of the total and complete pussiness of Christ Martin and the other Coldplayers.

Their tour manager Natt McGee claims:  " "Chris temporarily lost touch with his niceness and called his friend ashole in so venomous a fashion that our loveable Caledonian felt moved to respond thus, 'I'm going to fucking hit you in a minute'. 'Well go on then!' came the retort, sounding more like an order than an invite. "Bloody hell, here we go, I thought. Guy has confessed to me since that at this point he became so furious that anything could have happened, and he really wasn't much more than a kilt's width from braining Chris with his vintage Fender.
This is by far the lamest on tour anecdote I have ever heard. It isn't really a story at all. It's like me writing, "I would love to punch my boss". It isn't anything at all.

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