“Morning Is Coming” Sting and Shaggy Single Review

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Sting is a piece of work dontcha think?  He feigns that  darn Jamaican accent too often and for too long.  Shaggy- Shaggy is the man.  Nice distinct legit accent but how on Earth did this union begin?

Your basic reggae beat is pleasant enough actually he song is pleasant enough in the most generic sort of way.  This is every mainstream Reggae influenced song ever made only there is a dumb ass arrogant British old man pretending to be Jamaican again.  I don’t know if you’ve ever heard Sting speak but I have and that aint his accent.  Every working class stiff can dig a bit of Island sound but the Island aint England or New York and as far as I can tell Sting hip hops those two more than Kingston.

I find it almost comical.  But in finding the humor a rather pleasant song becomes annoying and gets me raging on Sting. Seriously what is this guys deal.  Hes like blond Bono only smugger and with less political rhetoric.  What the hell if you think about it the guy has been fakin’ the ‘maican since The Police and lets be honest here – that’s when he was actually good.  That trio split left us with this jackass.  And while Andy and Stewart grew up and became real adults. Sting decided to jam tantric sex up our skirts while pretending he was all world music (never ever fucking forget Desert Rose, EVER).  Hes so wordily!

He’s a knob and this new release is proof that at age 66 years old yes SIXTY SIX he needs to just get behind a mixing board and shut the fuck up.  Wow, a single review morphed into a hate a thon.

Now Shaggy… what is the motivation for him to pair up with Sting? I’ll tell you this I’d be offended if some old bat was miming my accent and for the record Shaggy was born in Kingston and has my full permission to kick Stings ass for this one.

This is the type of song that plays in a department store in the bathing suit section in March.  Reminding you warm weather is on the horizon but chances are pretty good your too fucking pale and out of shape to slip into a suit.  Much like Sting- pasty, fake and unappealing. Poor Shaggy and worse of all the poor guy got second billing..

Shaggy and Sting would be more appropriate- wait.. Shaggy would be more appropriate.  Youll hear this a million times and you wont even realize it cuz its bland as Quaker oats.


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