Morrissey 25: Live at Hollywood High

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not so High School Confidential















Far be it from me to pass up an opportunity to write about Morrissey and search for perfect pictures to accompany my post.  Actually I could spend an entire day searching for that picture.  They guy is aging wonderfully- maybe its the self imposed celibacy, maybe its the venomous quotes. Whatever it is he looks dang good.

Doctors have told him ot retire. Why?  Despite he ulcer and the esophagus…what would it be that would actually get that sort of advice?  Obviously there is something under wraps and obviously Morrissey doesn’t care- cuz he is touring South America.  This causes a great dilemma for a fan in America- if I say “Mozzzzzzz play NEW ENGLAND!”, I could be egging him on to death.  If I say “STOP TOURING!” I will never see him again.  If he listens to me on either point I would drop dead of shock anyway.  But ya gotta admire the guys moxie, lets hope whatever it is he is not causing additional harm to himself and rests well.

Morrissey 25: Live at Hollywood High, may be the closest I get if he halts this tour idea.  This film is set to be released (in yet undisclosed locations) this August in North America.  YAY! I think.  I suppose it will have a very short run if not a one nighter and then go straight to DVD.  The event of playing Hollywood High was impressive.  An 1800 seat auditiorium sold out in 12 seconds TWELVE SECONDS and this cat cant get a record deal to save his life.  Amanda Palmer….stfu.

Distributed through a company called Specticast,  this is pretty much all they said, “We are delighted to again be working again with Eagle Rock Entertainment on Morrissey 25: Live From Hollywood High, showcasing one of music’s most intriguing figures, playing live at the Hollywood High School in to a legion of loyal fans,” says Mark Rupp, Co-Founder and President of SpectiCast. “Our continued success with Eagle Rock Entertainment concert films assures me the Morrissey 25: Live From Hollywood High will be a hit in theaters across North America.”

Now if they would just tell us WHERE it will be showing…

check out the funky waistband on his jeans- what a hip dude


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