Morrissey And Chrissie Hynde In Remake Of “Grumpy Old Men”

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back when they were cool

I was actually gonna write about how the cooler the band, the larger the fall. I was thinking of Vampire Weekend who, years between albums as always, seem ready to take a bath. Modern Vampires Of The City doesn’t sound as cool as it did, does it? I was listening to it for the first time in knocking on two years and it sounds a little too stilted, like Paul Simon on Pro Tools.

But I decided against it because film of Morrissey getting patted down at Airport security surfaced, which he claimed as being groped and apparently isn’t anything of the sort.

But it is typical of this once cool, now completely uncool, rock star buddies. Alyson Camus wrote earlier about Chrissie’s bizarre haranguing of an NPR writer (here) and between the two of them, they are going crackpot. They should form a band with Exene Cervanka.

Morrissey is a complete head case, after throwing Harvest under the bus (for no good reason whatsoever), he has followed it up by such bizarre acts as claiming he won’t play in the UK again because he can’t get a record contract. Are you kidding me? Even if they wanted to sign him, everybody is too scared to go near him.

He could listen to Amanda Palmer and make a Fund Me -he’d get a million over night, he could record and distribute himself like Thom Yorke did last year and make six bucks an album profit for him (more or less).

He could do many things.

But he won’t, instead he bellyaches while performing deep tracks off a frankly iffy album nobody can get their hands off because he threatened his former record company for releasing the record without his permission (no, really). he is so crazy, you can’t help but wondering if he deserved to lose that court case,

The man is 56, not 96, but he acts like a brain dead curmudgeon intent on professional suicide -meanwhile he is ridiculously screaming rape for no reason.


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