Morrissey Banned Meat at Riot Fest

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You have to love Morrissey and his eccentricity! The famous singer was scheduled at Riot Fest on Saturday night but there was a catch. Unsurprisingly, there was a no-meat policy, as he actually asked people stop eating meat before and during his set: ‘Because of Riot Fest’s respect to Morrissey and his animal rights activism, there will be no meat cooked or served during the hours of 8 pm to 10 pm on Saturday’.

This is not the first time this is happening, and I just wonder why people are still surprised by a vegetarian request from Morrissey, he is obviously the author of ‘Meat is Murder’ and has been shouting his horror about meat eating for decades, but this made the news nevertheless… I also wonder why he didn’t ask for the same thing when I saw him at the FYF fest last year, and after all, this is not a so incredible request, as Paul McCartney asked for a vegan Dodger stadium when he played there in 2014.

Still people were outraged, as if he was asking for some capricious backstage request like a rare liquor and green M&Ms! However, there are a few other rumors circulating that I can’t confirm but which could be consistent with Morrissey’s meat-phobia. According to the AV Club, Morrissey requested all trashcans be emptied so that no meat, discarded or otherwise, was on the premises. When they reached out to Riot Fest, they obviously said this was ‘logistically impossible’, but who knows?

But one other thing is sure, Morrissey was late, and instead of appearing on stage at 8:15 as scheduled, fans saw a good 33-minute collection of video clips before he finally came on stage, some people even said on Twitter he was one hour late. And for having attended his set at the FYF fest, I know that those who waited patiently got a real treat with many shocking footage of police brutality and slaughterhouse…

And here are some of the best jokes I found on Twitter:


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  1. Helen

    Morrissey shows a video presentation before every gig. Those claiming he was “late” simply didn’t know that is his standard procedure.

    As for the meat issue- fests are generally filled with sample pack fans who get mini sets from tons of artists and wear flower crowns their opinions are a bore


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