Morrissey Does Stupid Stuff

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Piero Giramonti does stupid things

I never thought Morrissey was a particularly nice guy but I did think he was a smart guy, I thought the way he moved from the Smiths to a solo career was spectacular and I did think he maneuvered his way around the business pretty damn well.

But his handling of Harvest has been pathetic.

There is a simple code of conduct, let’s call it the Obama Rule of Conduct, DON’T DO STUPID STUFF and Morrissey ignored it and now he has a serious problem of his own making. If Harvest, in an act of either laziness or some form of handshake Factory records deal, failed to sign Moz, then it was in Moz’s interest to not mention one word until he had a reason to do so. Till he needed to deal with getting his earnings off em, and they told him he has none and then he mentions they have no contract. Or till it is time for the second record and he chooses not to give them one.

But really, why at this time, give em the opportunity to fuck him that hard?

He did stupid stuff.

Look: since signing to Harvest, he has cancelled a US tour, he has fought with his label over videos, he has acted like a mentally deficient prima donna, he has been sued for attempted money for fucks sake. Indeed, moment for moment, I can’t see one smart thing he has actually done.

But the imbecility of telling your record label they don’t have a contract when you don’t need one? What is that stupidity, right? It is like your holding four aces and when it comes your time to bet you show your hand first. Can nobody play the game? You sign contracts and then if they aren’t signed you don’t warn your record company.

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