Morrissey, "I shall see you in my dreams"

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“You’re either marvelous or you’re boring, regardless of your age.”









Is this it?  Has the mighty Moz retired?  Towel thrown, quiff deflated, TAXI! gone?  This latest covert entry in the seems to say that.  I have never read an Morrissey entry that was so incredibly sad.  Sounding genuinely defeated Morrissey has the ‘wheels off the wagon’.

Due to a lack of funding this time the later leg of his South American tour is cancelled.  Funding?  Illness? Sadness is all I can claim and gratefulness that I did see him when I did.  One of the shows being the greatest concert of my entire life (and that’s saying a lot)  In a short year Morrissey went from a great entertainer to my absolute obsession and just in time.  Had I not connected with him this go round- there would be no other.

Morrissey is unpredictable.  He may throw this aside and hit the road but I swear if Amanda Palmer chimes in on how to earn tour cash I will find her and I will clock her.

Here are our hero’s words.


I am informed today that the projected tour of South America is snuffed out, thus euthanized – due, I’m reliably advised, to lack of funding. It’s quite easy to sell tickets, yet impossible to transport band and crew from F to G.
In a year when far too many disappointments have been buried this really is the last of many final straws, and I am not alone in feeling this. The future is suddenly absent, and my apologies are now so frequent as to be somewhat ridiculous, and it is I who apologize because no one else would bother. It is agonizing to be responsible for imparting such news – especially when it springs upon me unexpectedly and inexplicably. But the collapse of South America rings the curtain down with a colossal thud, and the major problems remain as insoluble now as they were in 2009. The obvious conclusion stares back at me from the mirror, and the wheels are finally off the covered wagon. Cancellations and illness have sucked the life out of all of us, and the only sensible solution seems to be the art of doing nothing.
As always I ask your pardon, and I offer pangs of overwhelming love and gratitude to the band and the crew, whose loyalty stretched above and beyond.


I shall see you in my dreams,
19 July 2013, Los Angeles

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