Morrissey Kings Theater Saturday September 24th, 2016

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I saw Morrissey for the fifth time in my life, and I’m not even 20 yet. And this may seem too definitive, but this was the best show yet.

He opened with “Suedehead”, a real classic that I don’t believe I’d ever heard live. His energy was phenomenal and his voice full and rich. I was glad that he wasn’t “feeling ill” and he didn’t seem moody either.

“I’m very happy to be here…for now,” he remarked.

His set list was hard hitting, and really set the bar for future shows. His vocals in “Alma Matters” was strong and carried well to the sold out venue.

His showmanship was on point. He was swinging the mic around, (rather dangerously, might I add. He might’ve been feeling a bit frisky.) and almost dancing around stage.

“Ouija Board” was so incredibly fun to see live. Holy cow. I was blown away; it’s one of my favorite songs of his and he didn’t let me down. He crooned away, his voice sounding even better than the recording.

Before he played “World Peace…”, he made a comment about the election, saying that CNN is basically rigging the election and that we’re all pawns in a game, something along those lines. It was nice to watch him get kind of political, and it’ll be interesting to see if he posts anything on True To You dot net, his official ‘unofficial’ website

I know I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again- his performance of “Ganglord” is so vital, so important, and goes well pairing with “Meat Is Murder” because of the social justice message. The footage that plays is the same as it was last tour, showing videos of police violence. It’s brutal to watch but it’s amazing to see him use his platform to discuss these issues.

Speaking of, when “Meat Is Murder” started up and all the hypocrites and degenerates started filing out, a man in my row was scooting out and said to me, “This is a good song to go take a bathroom break.” Before I could say “Fuck off” one more time, he scrambled to explain he “agrees with his politics” but failed to see that he was digging himself deeper.

The set list was light on WPINOYB tracks- only the title song, “The Bullfighter Dies”, and “Kiss Me A Lot” were heard. I can’t complain- I wasn’t a huge fan of the album and have already seen him do it live. I was worried the set would be weak due to a lack of new material (ahem), but he made up for it with “The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores” and “All You Need Is Me”, another favorite of mine. It’s a great tune and pretty funny, and I heard him chuckle to himself a few time while singing it.

He also did “How Soon Is Now?”, which I’d only heard once before as an encore. I’ve decided I’ve grown out of some Smiths tunes, that being one of them. However, the performance itself was intriguing. There were intense strobe lights, adding to the vibe of the song’s backing track. Moz himself seemed a little bored of the song by the end, but finished strong and I’m pretty sure it got the most applause of any song (other than the ending/encore, of course.)

His encore started with “Judi Is A Punk”, a Ramones song. It was pretty fun to watch him do a punk song- he was smiling and “rocking out” more than I’ve ever seen him. It was endearing, and it genuinely looked like he was having, dare I say….fun?

“Irish Blood, English Heart” was the official last song, and only a few brave souls dared to try and hug the Mozziah- not one was successful. The guards were aggressive, and Moz wasn’t being too receptive. It was a great way to end such a stacked set- after the final “forever”, he walked right off stage and left the band to finish the song in true Moz fashion.

I never thought I’d say this, but he’s truly at the top of his game. He’s really stepped up and his performance tonight was one for the books. Now let’s just hope he keeps it’s up and doesn’t come down with a cold or something and comes around again soon.

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