Morrissey: Madison Square Garden To Go Vegan. Hot Dogs Are Murder

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Of all the funny Morrissey stories I’ve ever heard, this one is absolutely classic: Morrissey will only perform (if he wakes in time) in meat and dairy free rooms. And Madison Square Garden have agreed to remove all hot dogs from the premises for his gig on June 27. That isn’t the funny part; though quite what MSG will be serving is open to quite a bit of conjecture round are way. Hits me as drinks (but no jello shots), peanuts, popcorn, and crackerjacks, and that should do it as far as good is concerned.

No that’s not what’s funny, this is: Morrissey has had security patting down the paying guests at other shops he has played for contraband, like the Odd Couple where the roomies went to a fat farm. The though is just so funny: Roast beef smugglers will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law…

Just what the world needs, another law to be broken.

Moz is such a fucking weirdo. How can he be on the right side and yet some so outrageously wrong. He is like a member of the vegan Third Reich, every position he takes he takes to insane degree. Omnivorous people such as me may well be murderers but unless they are raping sides of beef, they are not the same as pedophiles.

By stating his case wrongly, Moz weakens it. He is too extreme. He lacks shading in anything he says and I do and I am not whining about MSG going vegan (though I am wondering what he thought he was doing with Harvest Records, he all but ran himself out of the record releasing business. Incidentally, I don’t believe he can’t find a label to re-release World Peace Is None Of Your Business. Are you telling me Saddle Creek? Merge? Sub Pop? None of these indies and many more, want to do business with Morrissey? He may well be a major pain in the neck, but he is Morrissey. I don’t believe him.

Indeed, he could very easily have had an assistant stick the album on line for him ITunes, Spotify, etc for him. There is no reason not to, and then he could keep all the money

One more thing, if Moz has sold half the tickets at MSG have sold I’ll be shocked.


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