Morrissey: The Lone Voice Of Insanity In A Sea Of Reason

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I wish Morrissey wasn’t such a dick because somewhere in his screwed up mind is the lone voice of pure insanity in a world filled with the witheringly normal, undoubtedly a good thing if only because it is normal to go for the money, to make life easier on ourselves, to put our self interest first and Moz seems incapable of doing so in any normal way.

For instance: if we cared about human beings it is obvious we would be much better off if we shared the world with other species (even if we ate them as well), it would be better for the earth, healthier for us, and certainly healthier for other species. But how does it help co compare meat eaters with child molestation, as Moz does? “I see no difference between eating animals and paedophilia. They are both rape, violence, murder,” he said. No, they aren’t, rape is forced sex, maybe violence can be used for both, but murder is not a part of paedophilia unless the rapist child molester kills the child.

Surely, at worse, we are the Khmer Rouge of animals? Unless we are having sex with piglets, how does the child molestation claim hold up?

The rule of thumb in life is, if it can be done it will be done. So what it would take is the will for the majority of people…. no, wait, fot the majority of people in power, to give up huge swaths of the earth to animals and leave them alone. The chance of it happening. I dunno, life has a way of adapting itself…

So anyway, Moz is a headcase and guess what Atlanta, he has a concert planned for you later this year and if he cancels it, it will be the FOURTH CONSECUTIVE TIME you will have been left at the altar. Me? I’m at one only, he cancelled the Barclay Center gig last year (actually two, he blew off a MSG gig a coupla years ago)  but I went the bucks for Moz at MSG on June 27th. With Blondie opening, though they kinda sucked when I saw em with X at Roseland two years ago.

Not unbrave of Morrissey to go for an arena when the rest of the tour is Arena only. Morrissey’s last album was the iffy World Peace Is None Of Your Business, where he insulted his label Harvest, told them they don’t have a contract with him, and they pulled the album off all internet services, including ITunes. In what amounts to a first, Moz managed to make me feel sorry for a record label.

So, yes, back to the scene of the crime… wish me luck. Morrissey,June 27th,2015. I’ll be there. Moz? I’m not so sure.


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