Morrissey Update, The Good, The Bad And The Worse Video Ever Made

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Morrissey has thrown in the towel cancelling the remainder of his 21 US shows without promise of rescheduling.  I am saddened that I will not see him for the third time this April in Philly.  But I feel truly lucky for having seen him twice. The first at the graciousness of my darling co-editor Iman Lababedi who mid conversation said 'ok done and done' when he purchased the tickets and the fabulous second show as a total shock and awe event.

Having said that Morrissey has canceled so many shows on this latest tour from ulcers to sick moms to pneumonia I am glad I was able to see him at all.  I have been listening to him non stop since that first October show and I have not gotten sick of one tune yet.  I believe that on average I am hearing 'Shoplifters" at least three times a day and thanks to Spotify I can hear numerous versions including the awesome Earls Court live version.

I wish Morrissey rest and proper recovery.  We as a society need a snarky know it all bastard who oozes unattainable sex appeal and who fires off what allot of us think but do not have the forum to convey.  I feel in these past few months that I have found a performer that I really respect.  Aside from Joe Strummer and Chrissie Hynde I have had no respect for entertainers.  They're trained monkeys there to entertain me.  Generally speaking their opinions mean nothing to me and their endorsements fall on deaf ears.

Morrissey now joins what is now a holy trinity.  The Strummer, The Hynde and The Morrissey all represent beautifully the perfection of thought that I so admire.  We should all have a smidgen of these three in our chemistry and I do believe I know only one person who shares the intelligence and wisdom of Strummer, the compassion and drive of Hynde and the outspoken righteousness of Morrissey,and that is (name check yet again) Iman.

That being said with all beauty is humor and I offer you this as we wave Morrissey into hiatus for his health.  The most homo erotic video ever made from the mesh shirt to the cave thrusting.  "November Spawned A Monster" (was he talking about me?), is from the biggest hair decade and those …hips… make…me… die.  Just a bit. The too short shirt……….yowza… Sex in the dessert with a man who claims celibacy.  That's a damn lucky petrified tree. Uh Huh…love you Steven get well- we need you.

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