Morrissey, Wednesday June 24th, 2015 Hanover Theater, Worcester MA Reviewed

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Worcester Massachusetts is a dirty run down town with perpetual road work and horrible decay.  In the midst of this drabness is the shining beacon called The Hanover Theater.  A sleek and airy entry leads way to your quintessential New England theater complete with crystal chandeliers and jacquard drapes.

So it was no surprise when at 9:03 Morrissey stepped onto the stage with a bow and a “Welcome to Community Theater”, and that’s when the show exploded.
Morrissey has been dying and fighting financial ruin forever. Rumors and cancellations paint a picture of a frail and demented man ala Howard Hughes crouched in a corner cursing germs and imaginary monsters but once again, the press did not come near the reality of a true Morrissey gig.
This is the second time I’ve seen the lighter side of Moz.  Self depreciating, non preachy, giggling and once again I become nearly positive Mr Moz takes a gulp of the cider before stepping out.  A cheeky almost inside joke banter occurs and the true Ringleader of the Tormented took his disciples on a journey comfortably deep in his catalog with everything from “Alma Matters” to “Ganglord”and a giant hunk of World Peace Is None of Your Business.
Morrissey does not suffer from ‘quality issues’, his voice is stable and familiar his band of boys and the reality check of Boz Borer are outstanding and never miss a beat.  The handsome lads of Morrisseys band seem to fit a similar model, which makes the ever present Boz Borer all the more iconic, in appearance he doesn’t fit- in talent he is the rock in a rather volatile Morrissey World.
The crowd was amazingly engaged, unlike other audiences I have endured the  group assembled in Worcester tore the roof off in sheer volume of lyrics- and not just for the ‘classics’, this was an audience of fans (for the most part anyway, the suburban scum in front of me were a bit too busy chit chatty about their lawns to dance) and I believe that is why we were rewarded with such an interactive Moz. At one point he said “Headmaster’s Ritual” and the crowed screamed, to wish he replied “No” and launched into “Staircase At The University”.  So cheeky!
And yes of course he did “Meat is Murder” and yes of course some dickhead shouted something about steak and the man behind me shouted ‘and you wonder why he doesn’t sell more records’ about four or five times to be sure everyone heard his fabulous joke (that made no damn sense but hey, he tried)
Morrissey is alive and well and maybe, just maybe has come to the realization that as much as he doesn’t feel like going to work some nights, show cancellations impact the wallet.  Lets hope he continues in good health and positive crowds.  He is a legend, he is a hero and I am thrilled to say I got to see the ‘happy’ Moz yet again.
On to Madison Square Garden, with opener Blondie.  Iman, take the wheel.
Set List
Alma Matters
Every Day is Like Sunday
World Peace is None of Your Business
Kiss Me a Lot
Staircase at the University
Now My Heart is Full
I Will See You in Far Off Places
Mama Lay Softly on the Riverbed
Kick The Bride Down The Aisle
Will Never Marry
The World is Full of Crashing Bores
Neal Cassaday Drops Dead
The Bullfighter Dies
Meat is Murder
What She Said
First of The Gang To Die


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