Morrissey's "Autobiography" Reviewed In Segments: Moz In Court

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Mike Joyce kills the thing he loved most

















“Time can heal but it can also disfigure”, is Morrissey’s final words on the devastating court case at the heart of his sublime “Autobiography”.

Drummer  Mike Joyce and bassist Andy Rourke received 10% of  the Smiths income, but there was never anything in writing so Mike Joyce sued for 25% and won though, after reading Morrissey’s dissection of the disgraceful actions of the Presiding Judge John Weeks, who apparently took Moz’s “I hold more grudges than High Court Judges to heart” and lashed out at Mor “Margaret On The Guillotine” rissey giving millions to the abysmal Joyce whose idea of proof was “I just assumed”.

Following the case s Mike “It’s not about money” sued to have Morrissey’s mother and sister thrown out of their houses, costing Morrissey another 300,000 pounds, to keep them in and finally having the audacity to suggest the band reformed. Which is where the quote at the top comes from.

This was a real miscarriage and cost Moz a fortune, meanwhile Johnny Marr, who lost an equal amount, spent the trial making nice with the enemy and attempting to ingratiate himself with hose in powers. Moz’s lead attorney didn’t show except to ask for money after they lost.

Moz is furious at all three of them and when Jonny Marr has the nerve to say “you can only reach out so many times” you have to wonder why Morrissey doesn’t punch the two faced bastards.

The writing here is Dickensian in its outrage, and while it is, of course, outrage at harm done to him himself and not to society, the ramifications are indeed for British society where the law is at the whim of a senile old bastard. Morrissey knows his “Bleak House” and by the end of the 40 pages, you can join Morrissey in absolute fury at the nonsense justice meted to him.

As for Joyce, “you always kill the thing you love the most”, Morrissey claims “And Mike Joyce killed the Smiths”. There will never be a reunion.



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