Morrissey's Ex-Label Is Now Selling 'Fuck Harvest' Shirts

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The Moz and his band

Morrissey has been in war with his label since Harvest dropped him and removed his new album from stores – or did this really happen? We got so many conflicted statements from both parts that I don’t know what exactly happened and what is the present situation, but Morrissey’s band appeared on stage wearing these matching ‘Fuck Harvest’ red and black shirts… it turns out that the targeted label is now selling these same shirts!! Pick your color and size they are only $15.98!

I don’t know what game they are playing, but this looks like a childish one. Should we take this as an ironic answer? A funny one? Or could it be a twisted way to say fuck you to Morrissey without getting into trouble,… while simply making fun of his behavior?

Morrissey must be pissed, I don’t know if he is gonna answer but he should otherwise he has lost this battle. However the whole thing is simply ridiculous, especially now that he has revealed in an interview in Spanish that he may have been fighting cancer: ‘They have scraped cancerous tissues from me four times already, but who cares. If I die, then I die.’ So tell me if it’s time to bother the Moz? Certainly not! If he really has cancer, he probably has no energy to waste at stupidity like this one.

But if there were a response from the Morrissey camp, what could it be? The whole band could come on stage wearing shirts saying ‘Fuck ‘Fuck Harvest’’? What a petty game.

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