Motorhead Pull Out Of Wacken Open Air Festival Mid Set Blame Lemmy's Health

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Get Well Lemmy!











The fabulous Lemmy Killmaster, bassist and singer for Motorhead is 67 years old.  He has lived his life like a rock-star and I absolutely think he is fabulous- and that he needs to retire right away.

Sadly, the band pulled out 30 min in to its scheduled 75 min set in Germany when it appeared that Lemmy couldn’t go on.  Scary stuff really when you see someone literally struggling to stay in the game.  If you recall Killmaster had a defibrillator installed to help that old ticker and then was discovered to have multiple dangerous blood clots.  Its understandable why he would want to go on- he hasn’t stopped.  Unlike some bands who go on hiatus until they need more cash or become bored, Motorhead has been non stop rock and roll since 1975.

When Lemmy’s illness was announced it was an understandable assumption that the band was done.   Stick a fork in the metal Gods- they’re baked.  But like a Phoenix rising from he ashes we were wrong when on  July 29, they suddenly announced that ‘In the face of cancellation reports and other gossip, Motörhead is delighted to announce it will headline Germany’s Wacken Festival (the biggest metal fest in the world) for 85,000 fans on Friday August 2nd. The band look forward to comprehensively kicking everyone’s ass, just as they always do.’

They kicked half an ass anyway.  Poor Lemmy.  No details yet but lets hope he simply retires and relaxes and not worse.

Motorhead’s shortened set:

I Know How to Die (from The World is Yours, 2010)
Damage Case (from Damage Case, 1979)
Stay Clean (from Damage Case, 1979)
Metropolis (from Damage Case, 1979)
Over the Top (b-side of Motorhead single, 1977)
The Chase is Better Than the Catch (from Ace of Spades, 1980)

The band’s next scheduled show is November 7 in Zurich, Switzerland- Stay tuned.


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