Movie Time! Paul McCartney & Wings’ “Rockshow”

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1976 was a pretty impressive time for music.  There was so much change happening all at once that as the US went all bi-centennial.  Paul McCartney and Wings were the rage, no longer a Beatle  Paul and his wife Linda the tambourine shaker embarked on a musical adventure that actually stood on its own.  Lets face it, forever a Beatle but to have a band that actually wasn't in the shadow of legend is nothing but a tribute to the talent of McCartney.  He never went on to be tribute band of himself.

So what a great year to pluck out some concert footage- digitally remaster it, and put it up on the big screen?  Now you can walk in to your local theater and pretend you're there all over again.  Remember that movie theaters have phenomenal sound systems these days and with the massive screen and tilt back chairs- why its a luxury show.  Oh and don't forget the snacks.

The show starts off with "Venus & Mars Rock Show/Jet” opener and closes with the final encore number “Soily.” In between you get tons of classic songs like “Band On The Run,” “Hi, Hi, Hi,” “Silly Love Songs” and “Let ‘Em In.”  "Let 'Em In" is one of the stupidest songs of all time.  In fact, if I were to create a list of my top 10 annoying songs this would be in the top 5.  The pronunciation of 'door' makes me want to punch Sir Paul in the mouth.

Anyway, you'll also see and watch a special acoustic set that Wings performed in the middle of their concerts and featuring renditions of Beatles songs “I’ve Just Seen A Face,” “Blackbird” and “Yesterday” along with Wings tunes “Picasso’s Last Words” and “Bluebird.” Another highlight of the acoustic set was Wings-man and former Moody Blues member Denny Laine singing Paul Simon’s “Richard Corey.”  C'mon they got bills to pay.

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