“Mr Angry” by Ravenheart Single Review

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That’s it!  I refuse to blindly hit play when it comes to songs by Ravenheart.  This one takes the cake,  I didn’t even hit play and the tune opens up and scared the living daylights out of me.  Like a splash of ice water to the face you cant help but halt and gasp upon hearing ‘Mr. Angry”.

There is something about those Wales lads that draws you in if only in some sense of morbid curiosity.  How on Earth can a band consistently create music that churns more adrenaline than a drop of a roller coaster?

Once I was able to regain my composure I was able to appreciate something new in this single.  Musicianship.  Quite often songs by Ravenheart focus on storytelling or vocals yet in this song aside from some pretty painful and maniacal screaming we have a rare glimpse into the structure of this dangerous rock band.  Finally a showcase for the fabulous drumming skills of Lyn Lewis who pours the cowbell on like syrup on a pancake. Rock drummers far too often get overlooked yet without them, when there really is nothing to keep the headbanging tempo up.

Guitarists Sean and Scott use the opportunity to unleash their fury.  The absence of vocals allows them the spotlight and their hard work pays off in creating a dizzying kaleidoscope of sound.

Mr Angry is the equivalent of an amusement park ride gone awry.  Fast,jerking confusing and some what nauseating ending with a thunk leaving you bewildered, light headed and ready to get back in line for another ride.

Grade B


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