Music In 2018: For Consumers It Is The Best Of Times And The Best of Times

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Yes, there has never been a better time to be a music fan than right this moment. It is almost a delirious and joyful explosion of sound with not just right this minute but the entire history of popular music at your fingertips. It’s like we are living in some form of futuristic musical West World, call it dream word. Tomorrow sees the new music releases. Meanwhile, in the past two days we’ve gotten this:

Yo La Tengo – Four new songs.

Queen by Tracey Thorne

Severed by The Decemberists

Walk In Circles by Grant-Lee Phillips

I’m Gon Make You Sick Of Me by Parliament with Scarface.

Supplies by Justin Timberlake

Forget quality, Grant-Lee and Justin are real good, the rest less so, but this isn’t about quality but the complete miracle as on Wednesday, Thursday, dog day axis, top music keeps on dropping and what’s more, it doesn’t matter if you like it or not because it comes with your music distribution package. If you can hear about it, you can hear it.

Tomorrow is Friday and the sounds are already sifting into the future.

And what’s more, while sure the biggest of the big (right now this second that’s Bruce On Broadway and the Grammys) maybe tough tickets, in music land even U2, hell, even Taylor Swift is an easy get. Want to bet you have no problem getting Eminem tickets? If you don’t mind throwing the dice you can wait till the last minute and land $20 tickets to Hova.

We live in a world without musical frontiers, hip hop can sleep with emo and awake with baby Trap, mood can evoke the pop moment on whatever thing and wherever is, happy or sad or suicidal or high and fucking awesome. It doesn’t matter, it is all in the moment.

When I started rock nyc I didn’t have the slightest idea that by going back to writing about music I would stumble into possibly popular music’s greatest moment: a place with neither past nor future but an eternal now of every imaginable sound.

If you don’t follow music closely in 2018, and if you love music, your loss is incalculable.


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