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I have just heard Marco Rubio saying that he listens to EDM on the campaign trail,… and this made me despise him even more… he also said he was listening to a lot of Hip Hop, but it was becoming too difficult and risky with his kids around, you know these Calvin Harris lyrics are way safer, may be because they are so blank and insipid? I was even surprised to know that there were lyrics to a Harris song…. So Rubio really likes EDM? It made me ponder and I discovered that effectively he drops Harris and Tiësto names as if he was partying in Miami or Las Vegas every weekend. I don’t get it, a conservative guy like him, opposed to gay marriage and marijuana legalization? How can he approve the MDMA culture?

As for Ted Cruz, the republican winner of the Iowa Caucus, he has declared that his tastes have changed after 9/11 because he ‘didn’t like how rock music responded’. For a guy who grew up on a classic rock diet, it was a shock, and according to the American Spectator, Cruz said he now listens to country music because ‘Nothing says Let’s go kill some Muslims like country music,’ … yeah, of course, and I thought I disliked Rubio…

Donald Trump has said he likes Neil Young, although it is not reciprocal, and he has often name-checked (or even used their music) Aerosmith, Elton John, Paul McCartney, Michael Jackson, Twisted Sister, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, the Rolling Stones… so yes he is very classic rock-pop guy although all these people hate him and are at his complete opposite political spectrum. Poor Donald, there are simply no good musician in the Republican party, but does he know that Kid Rock has endorsed him?

Democrats have all the music they want because basically all the cool acts are liberal, but probably 90% of them are behind Bernie Sanders. It doesn’t matter, Hillary wants her part of the pie and two months ago she penned an essay for Billboard, and declare her love and admiration for the great women in music business like Loretta Lynn or Lady Gaga, because Hillary plays the feminist card first: ‘Maybe they [women]’ll stand a little straighter or speak a little louder because that’s what Gaga and Missy and Brittany and Tori and Selena and Demi and Kelsea and Lana and Ally and Normani and Lauren and Camilla and Dinah and Loretta would do.’ I don’t really believe that Hillary Clinton listens to Missy Elliott, but she wants you to believe it. Still, no Beyonce in this list? What happened?

As for Bernie Sanders, does it even matter what kind of music he likes? The best musicians have endorsed him, he sang with Vampire Weekend and Dirty Projectors last weekend, he used a Simon and Garfunkel song for his ad campaign and he ends his Iowa Caucus speech with David Bowie’s ‘Starman’… you simply can’t beat that.

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