Must See: Turbo Goth At Parkside Lounge, Sunday At 7pm

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Turbogoth: Philippines Superstars

Turbogoth: Philippines Superstars

Readers of rock nyc don’t need to be told what a huge fan I am of Wesley Wolfe, every album he has ever made has found itself on my Top albums of their respective year and in 2014  Numbskull is right up there as well. I’ve been begging him to play New York for years to no avail, but I got this next best thing message from Wesley yesterday:

Hey Iman!! Hope you’re well. I’m in town Sunday if you’d like to meet up for a drink. A band I’m set to record in the fall is Playing a show at Park Side Lounge 317 Houston St. at 7pm. I’ll be there. This is the band. They are relocating to NYC from the Philippines. They are rock stars there.”

So who are Turbo Goth? Well, they are neither Turbo, nor Goth, Turbo Goth are  Sarah Gaugler (on lead vocals) and Paolo Peralta (on guitar/electronic sampler), an electronic power pop mood enhanced duo with a pretty good debut album 2011’s awesomely named Destroy Us All, which includes the, well maybe a little Goth-y, more ambient with a back beat “Bbm” .

I’ll add what a big fan I am of the Philippines, though hurt by poverty they have returned to  democracy  where others of their neighbors of fallen into tyrannies, the Filipinos weathered the Marcos regime and is now a democracy. The thing about democracy is, it doesn’t function easily in poor countries.Plus, I have dated a couple of Filipino and the women I’ve known were lovely and very gentle (though they got sick of me pretty quickly): sorta like Vietnamese without the suicide bombs.

So Manila’s favorites Turbo Goth at their poppiest has melody to spare and at their Gothiest, well, they ain’t that Goth but Peralta knows how to build a wall of sound. I can’t wait to see wait to hear what Wolfe has planned for this sound, it seems to fit in well with his prog pop vibe.

Turbo Goth is gonna be playing Parkside Lounge tomorrow at 7pm, and it sure hits me as a great way to end the long weekend. So if you wanna see Turbo Goth, or meet me, or meet Wesley, make sure you make it there.

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