"My Valentine", Paul McCartney Reviewed

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How do you review a legend?  You get a bunch of crap from the die hards who have made them their saint.  Those idiotic fans who consider their spit as art and cant see that legends fade or their greatness does.  I have a huge problem with fans that are so blinded by an artists past performance that they fail to admit that its time to take the bench.

Paul McCartney has fans that will rip your lungs out and kick them down the road if you say the slightest negative word.  So how bold am I to just jump right in here and take a stab at this Soundcloud offering from Pauls forthcoming album?

Pretty damn bold.

My boldness has a problem though. "My Valentine" is really rather pretty.  A grown up lounge song with brushes and strings, a plucky guitar and a swell of harp.. what the?

See, McCartney with this one song shows he can act his age.  This is no man reliving the glory days.  This is a great songwriter of a mature age behaving accordingly.  Sincere, secure and confident.   It could be Diamond, it could be Dione, its easy listening teeth cleaning music.  The difference is this is done by an absolute legendary star.

I am happy it sounds calm, serene and shuffley.  To do anything else would be a mockery of the power of nothing to prove.  This simple song renewed my shattered faith in Paul.  Hes not a Beatle, hes not a rock star, hes a musical icon with a nice mellow tune.  Well done.

Check it out here: 


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