‘Myths 002’ A New Collaboration Between Ariel Pink And Weyes Blood

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Weyes Blood


I discovered Weyes Blood when she played at the Resident a few months ago. At the time, she appeared alone on stage, very majestic and solemn, floating between folk and churchy, with an almost Judy Collins vibe in her vocals. I remember her covering Lou Reed’s ‘Perfect Day, and I got intrigued.

It turns out that Weyes Blood, whose real name is Natalie Mering, has recently teamed up with Ariel Pink (real name Ariel Rosenberg) for a new EP, ‘Myths 002’ which should be out on January 27th via Mexican Summer. The first song they have shared is predictably surprising and incredibly moody – I have seen Ariel Pink live several times to have an idea about what to expect. ‘Tears on Fire’ is a collage of pastoral folk melodies with operatic-chaotic outbursts of energy… There’s drama, and Weyes and Ariel’s over the top arias are constantly erupting in the middle of gentle acoustic guitar getting you in a more-than-retro California mood, so that you may wonder, what exactly is going on? But you should not be puzzled if you know these two artists.

It’s actually not the first time Mering and Rosenberg have collaborated: she appeared as guest vocalist on his 2013 album ‘Mature Themes’, and he produced the song ‘Suddenly’ featuring Mering.

The collaborative EP was recorded in the famously arty town of Marfa, Texas, where Mexican Summer curates the annual Marfa Myths festival, which takes place in March. Weyes Blood will then collaborate with Perfume Genius!

Meanwhile listen to Ariel Pink and Weyes Blood building new myths:

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