Neon Trees “Everybody Talks”, Reviewed (Another View)

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I first heard Neon Trees’ insanely awesome sound when their single “Animal” was the iTunes free single of the week sometime in early 2010. Later that year, Neon Trees hit the air waves and their singles “Animal”and “1983” were immensely popular (as they should be). I have loved each and every one of the songs that Neon Trees has released so it is with no surprise that I submit to you, reader, yet another incredible song by this vivacious Utah alternative rock sensation.

 Although Helen gave you her opinion on this song earlier, perhaps you should consider my opinion.  From the first 10 seconds of the band’s latest single, “EverybodyTalks”, any listener is going to be bobbing their heads along with the beat. By the time the chorus hits, you’re wishing you knew every word so you could be singing along with lead singer Tyler Glenn.

The thing about Glenn’s voice is that it is in no way smooth and clear sounding tothe ear. It is raw and passionate and it adds an element of explosiveness to the song that is hard to miss.

 The other unmistakable element of this song that makes it solely a Neon Trees song is the way the simple beat and background guitar melodies of the verses can suddenly ignite and fill your eardrums as the chorus hits. I personally can not wait for the day when I see Neon Trees perform this song live. I just know that the intense energy heard in this song will explode on stage and Neon Trees will blow me away.

 If this single is anything to go on, their upcoming album will be one of the best albums of 2012. Therefore, in March, make sure you look for Neon Trees’ new album Picture Perfect in your local music store.


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