New Doors Song “She Smells So Nice,” Premieres Today

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It's been 40 years since the doors had a new release.  Hell it's been 41 years since Morrison croaked, but a new song was discovered by co-producer Bruce Botnick.

How does one 'discover' a new song decades later?  How was it lost?  

She Smells So Nice
is to be included on a double CD reissue of LA Woman, which will also include another never released track in Rock Me, plus seven alternate versions of songs from the original album.  Will it be a hit?  Doors fans are never ending.  The Doors were fantastic genius in thier day and their work is timeless.  Every stoner kid in high school today loves The Doors and Bob Marley, its nearly a law.

Here is the official spot for your Doors fix..  I am fairly certain it will be legendary and 'a masterpiece"  Honestly, I am rather stoked for something new.  I rediscover them now and then, its fascinating to try to figure what 'x factor' these classic bands had that got them to immortal status.  Tune in to their FB at  5pm UK time (figure the math yourself) and get your groove on.

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