New Kanye Not Released So Listen To The New Dion

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If anyone on planet earth deserved to have his new album ripped from one end of the world to the other (my review here), that man is Kanye West who, after a really terrific listening party and fashion show for the entire world, forgot to release The Life Of Pablo. Why would he do that? I am resolutely baffled.

Everybody has it and you can’t even, this is worse than taking Vic and Sia off “The Wolves”, why would he drum up so much damn interest and then not release. You can stream it on Tidal, which means everybody has it but nobody has bought it. What a whack case.

Meanwhile, in case you don’t feel like ripping Kanye, Dion’s new album is out, much to the surprise of me for one. Is it good? Yeah, Dion is still in blues more than pop or doo wop mode, but it has been a long long time. Fore sure, his voice has never sounded better and the Paul SImon track you know . A very very solid effort.

Back to Kanye, the only thing that makes the slightest bit of sense to me is that he doesn’t care about sales. Otherwise, I see no reason whatsoever for this move. Who doesn’t release their album on the day it was meant to be release? After a worldwide listening party?

The Life Of Pablo – Kanye West – A

New York Is My Home – Dion – A-

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