New Music Week Of March 14th, 2011: Inside Normal… I think

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Fool For You Baby – New York Dolls – Johanssen sounds very like Johanssen on this wonderfully old fashioned number, though a touch more like solo Johanssen than early Dolls.
Palaces Of Montezuma – Grinderman – What's the difference between Grinderman and the Bad Seeds? The name. Still pretty good , if not Dig, Lazarus, Dig, current Cave.
Waist So Skinny – Trina and Rick Ross – perfect modern pop confection, you know, the sorta stuff Lefsetz sneers at all day long. Near perfect -BPMs in the 128 range and a younthful speak sing from Trina. TRACK OF THE WEEK.
Beautiful Lasers – Lupe Fiasco – # 1 album of the year, and not quite sure why. Not bad disco rap but it lacks personality.
Sun Of A Gun – Oh Land – Not more pop from the Netherlands?  A case of decreasing returns I think. Nothing much but pleasant enough dance pop.
Dazzled By You – Bob Geldof – This is meant to be a pretty old time rock ballad. Instead it is slow bore.
Velcro – Bell X1 – One hit wonders who aspire to be Spoon and with metaphores like "I'll be your velcro" repeated ad nauseum they might well succeed.
Kill Your Nations – AWOLNATIONS – Aren't these guys meant to be hard rocking mofos?Change producers now.
High Maintenace – Miranda Cosgrove – Thoroughly tedious, minor league TV star manufactured pop star. Alright by me, but you need the song to pull it off.
Cool Head (feat Kid Cudi) – Travis Barker – Man, this sucks. How to make two careers disappear with one song.
Outside Inside – the Streets – This is a fascinating song, with the Streets voice fucked by a vocodor so he sounds like a computer and the concept of where emotions live perfctly worked in. The rest of the album is nowhere near as good.

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