Nicki Minaj, "Stupid Hoe" Video Reviewed.

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If Nicki Minaj was a man, I would be her biggest fan.  She isn't, so I'm not.  What I am though is wise enough to give a nod to greatness when the nod is earned.  "Stupid Hoe", earns my nod for one of the most intoxicating if not disturbing videos of the year.  Yeah its January so lets not roll out the carpet.

The song itself is interesting, the annoying quirky voice actually fits right with the disturbing noises that constitute the 'music'.  This is drug induced club land fun.  Chock full of fun repeat able quotes "You could suck my diznick, if you taking shizzes", c'mon now we're all gonna be chantin' that.

The video offers up tons of Minaj ass but she ain't Beyonce.  Shes like a black Marilyn Manson with a shot of Gaga and s dash of Shakira or something.  The girl is a hot mess but in this song- shes a hero.  The colors are great, the graphics fun.  I suppose she is supposed to look sexy but the broken down doll isn't my scene.

Vibrant colors and strobe effects will get the house pumpin'.  It's fun and its dangerous an to me that's what this genre should be.  I really dislike most of Minajs' work.  Shes the hoe hero and always came off a bit too prison yard for me.  Yet in this video she comes across as a bad ass smart girl that you'd pretty much avoid in a hallway.  Just a bit psychotic, in a good way.

I will not say I am a Minaj fan, I am not.  I will say that I am a huge fan of this song and this video and it takes allot for me to give a nod to something that I generally wouldn't give a change to.

It's as if she stole my line…"You don't like them disses, give my ass some kisses"

Great song.  The best part?  90% of the Youtube comments for this tune are negative.  Idiots.

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