No Detriot? Did Jack White And Eminem Betray The City???

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“The music industry more than any other has neglected Detroit. So many musicians have left here to start careers somewhere else. The record company executives from New York or LA just fly right over.Eminem and white Stripes didn’t build a movement. That’s why I decided to bring the music industry here.”

That’s Kevin Nixon speaking to the London Times. Who is he? Used to manage Kula Shaker. who are they? Don’t start with me… Anyway, he also produced Kirsty MacColl and currently, according to Gigwise: “Nixon and his wife Sarah Clayman moved to Detroit a year ago to found the Detroit Institute of Music Education. The first two Detroit signees to the record label Original 1265 Recordings are MPV and Charity, as well as British export Wildflowers.”

Oh, OK. white was always a bit of a schmuck but Eminem still lives in the city despite his superstar status and despite his starting a label there, which leads to the question, eh? I am sure Kevin is a very nice person but maybe his beef is with Berry Gordy who actually moved Hitsville out as soon as he could then Eminem who remained faithful. And even if they have, so what? It’s a big city and if the automobile industry isn’t gonna save it, Jack White sure won’t.



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