No Doubt New Release Date!

Written by | May 7, 2012 0:12 am | No Comments


Finally after all the blah blah blah we have the actual release date of September 25th!  No Doubt are one of the most fantastic live acts I have ever seen.  Gwen Stefani, my girl crush belts out tunes while doing pushups and doesn't miss a beat.

Older wiser more settled it will be interesting to see what the band will offer up.  Known for their upbeat fun sound will it now be weighted with domesticity and age?

Take a look at this official announcement video.  Things are looking pretty good!  But why are they using an old tune in the back ground?  C'mon they could have snuck in a bit of new, instead just plain studio silliness.

I'm psyched bring on the leaks!  September Twenty-friggin-Fifth!


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