Noel Gallagher Can't Be Bothered

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Is Noel Gallagher the smartest man on earth? At the age of 45 Noel had the pure intelligence to tell q magazine that he can’t be bothered writing new songs. “I’m not doing anything with any great enthusiasm at the minute.“I know i’ll probably do it with Dave Sardy, I’ll probably do some of it in America. Other than that I’ve not really thought about it.”

“I do like resting on my laurels.Every time I think about going back to work ‘AKA… What A life!’ will come on the radio and I’ll go ‘Haha, what’s the point? Fucking done it. Going to the Groucho [club], see you later.”

While I didn’t like High Flying Bird all that much, many people did, and I did love Noel’s first three albums tons and to be honest I envy him the ability to do nothing. Personally,taking  year off would be a daydream, taking a day off would be pleasant enough. The truth is all we do is work and that’s the only way we can maintain rock nyc. If Gallgher can rest on his past achievements and live like a King on his royalties, all I can say is good for him?

I’ve never bought into the Protestant work ethic. I work because I have to work, if I didn’t have to I wouldn’t work. And what sane man writes 36 posts a week? That’s ridiculous. I wish I was Noel and didn’t have to bother with anything. Lay about in my swimming pool all day, go to concerts all night, write about them when the urge took me. That’s the life.

What work ethic? What ethic, period? Pleasure is a weird thing and sure sometimes writing is a pleasure but more often than not it is like scraping the insides of your brains to find new ways to say the same damn thing. It feels like my brain cells are scarpering and I am running after them, and thoughts about music, just looking at the same thing from every ngle.

The completely futility of effort, it is Dorothy Parker’s “and so what if I don’t

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