Not With The Band: Animal Liberation, Celebrities Should Leave Monkeys Alone

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All these celebrities should really leave the poor primates alone! Remember about Justin Bieber’s capuchin monkey that he abandoned in Germany? The teen star had brought the poor Mally monkey on tour with him as if it was the latest fashion accessory. However, he didn’t have the right paperwork, so he had to leave the poor animal in Germany. I mean it was probably the capuchin’s chance to have a better life (even a zoo can be a better life than touring with Bieber). The sad part of the story is that the teen idol couldn’t have cared less for the animal, not only he never tried to get his monkey back, but recently, the zoo even contacted the Biebs to tell him about Mally’s new home but didn’t receive any response. And this is very telling. To this, add the fact that the monkey was taken from his mother way too early, and you have the perfect portrait of a capricious and selfish star who wants an exotic animal because it looks good around his neck.

This is disgusting and this is not the only example! Katy Perry played a sort of Jane of the jungle in her new video for ‘Roar’, using many exotic animals (tiger, elephant, capuchin, …) to inhabit her Hollywood-carton-pate jungle. PETA got immediately on her back, denouncing what often happens when real animals are used: ‘Animals used for entertainment endure horrific cruelty and suffer from extreme confinement and violent training methods’…. ‘They often become stressed and anxious when hauled around and forced into unfamiliar or frightening situations’….’The Serengeti Ranch, the animal exhibitor that we believe supplied the animals for the “Roar” video, has been inspected by the U.S. Department of Agriculture 22 times since 2001’. Think what you want of PETA, but they have a point, in this CGI era, real animals shouldn’t be used to make Perry look cute in the jungle.

Another case was recently in the news. Rihanna is/was in Thailand and of course, as the self-centered little media-whore she is, documented each one of her moves on Instagram. I never look at her posts, but this one got the attention of a lot of people as she posed with another primate, the very endangered species Slow Loris. I won’t go all Jennifer Lopez on her, saying ‘you should have known and do some research before’ but, still, this is a crime to promote these animals as pets! They are almost extinct and sold as exotic pets in animal markets in Southeast Asia, and so have their teeth cut or pulled out for the pet trade, and often die from infection, blood loss, poor handling, or poor nutrition… Rihanna ignores all this of course, and she posed with the animal with the text ‘Look who was talkin dirty to me! #Thailand #nightlife’. First of all Rihanna, all the dirty talking is in your head, secondly, there is something in her attitude I don’t like at all, just like Bieber, she is using the animal as an accessory for her ever demanding bad-girl Instagram feed… this is totally repulsing. There is a good side of the story as authorities, alerted by the photo, got on the case and located two suspects, who were charged with possession of protected animals. 

My point is that irresponsible pop stars should pay more attention at what they do with animals. Animals do not exist to serve us or make us pretty on Instagram. They should be respected and wild ones should be left alone. And I am not even talking about Beyonce’s custom-made trainers incorporating the skins of animals including anaconda, crocodile and stingray, and other fur-wearer pop-stars! Celebrities have a responsibility regarding animals, unfortunately I don’t really see this tendency, and one Morrissey is not enough against all these insensible self-centered people.


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