Not With The Band: I See Joe Strummer Everywhere In Los Angeles

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He gave us enough rope
















I don’t believe in signs, you know the signs people see everywhere, in the sky, on a burnt toast or as a person they have just crossed in the street. It’s crazy but a natural twist of the human brain, an unavoidable byproduct of the way our minds work. We are wired to see signs everywhere, that’s actually how religions were born.

Why? Because we want answers while we live in this chaotic universe, we want to imagine the universe caring about us, providing us meaning because the idea of an indifferent and careless universe is so unbearable. I really don’t think the universe is caring and wants to give us signs, it is too much of a leap of faith for me. We are living in a cold world and nothing, nobody is giving us signs, there’s just random coincidence and serendipity.

These past weeks, I have experience serendipity. During my runs and errands in the streets of my neighborhood, I stumbled on a series of things that could have nevertheless convinced me someone was trying to tell me something! Okay all these visions occurred a bit apart in time, but still, what is this recurrent obsession with English punk rockers in Los Angeles? I can’t help it I see Joe Strummer’s signs everywhere, and I swear I am not looking for them.

First this van that I saw a few times parked on a lot along Sunset boulevard… with this Strummer silhouette, and I said to myself it must have been a die-hard fan or something. A few weeks later, this poster with the famous Strummer’s quote ‘Greed it ain’t going anywhere’ and ‘Occupy Joe Strummer’ was glued everywhere around… I’ve never known what it was about exactly, an upcoming documentary? No, probably just a useful reminder in the same spirit than this one. A few weeks before I took a pic of this picture of the Clash glued to the Elliott Smith memorial wall. Although I can understand why it was there (Elliott was a big fan), strangely, it was another Clash vision in my neighborhood. And then, a few days ago I discovered this mural (picture above) recently painted? I don’t know exactly when it appeared, but I had never noticed it before! 

So I see these things everywhere, and it may not be over yet, but no, nobody/nothing is trying to give me a sign, an answer… to what question exactly? That I should have seen Strummer when he was alive? Thank you, I know that! These are just serendipitous coincidences, and it just proves one thing, Los Angeles is truly in love with Joe Strummer and everything punk British music.
















































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