Not With The Band: Surviving The Holidays And Its Musical Desert

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Nothing is going on during the Holidays, my email, my Facebook and Twitter feeds are dead, absolutely crowded by special deals from record labels and stores, or rather invaded by business and store ads which want to sell me the most useless merchandize and gadgets, … it’s Black Friday all over the place, cyber Monday extended for four days and nothing is going on music-wise. Big brother internet has perfectly targeted my centers of interest and there are not enough days in a year to wear all these indie rock shirts they want to sell to me.

Even classic rock sites use this period of the year to sale shirts you have never seen before, I guess 70’s rockers didn’t have the internet and they are back with a vengeance, trying to catch up by any means. Music doesn’t sell anymore, so you have to push the sweaters, why does every famous band in the world have to sell one of these ugly Christmas sweaters? Soon I will certainly need this new retro David Bowie shirt if they insist a bit longer with the ads on the side of my Facebook page. What about the one with the cat and the lighting bolt sign? It’s stupid! Or this Stardust coffee mug which has managed to mash up two famous and timeless stars for your drinking pleasure? Don’t we already spend too much money on that coffee corporation? May be it’s a good thing Bowie did die before seeing this.

Everywhere I look, every site I visit could be summed up around 3 things: politics (we had plenty of it lately), food (this is this time of the year) and stuff to buy. There’s nothing going on in music, all the clubs are closed or host boring dance nights, news have slowed down, and new releases are rare, so you have to fill the blank with something and a big part of this something has to be shopping. Stuff you have to buy now, but you have to hurry up because everything, every sale and every good deal ends by midnight.

Since music is almost on a break, music-related sites and blogs are either taking a break or revisiting old albums, dead rock stars and other oldies, but soon it will all be about Christmas albums and other tacky songs… and it’s gonna be too much for me, too much I can stand. This is the worst time of the year.

Lately, there certainly were a few interesting news, Kanye’s meltdown or Kanye’s sinking into madness if I dare to say, a main event which, rightly so, occupied the blogosphere for a while, … Pitchfork had a few hundreds of posts about Kanye this year, so I wonder what they are gonna talk about if he never recovers. There were a few more heartbreaking news, the deaths of beloved poet Leonard Cohen and America’s mom Florence Henderson, and barely no uplifting stories,… Joe Corré, the son of Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren finally burnt more than $6 million of punk memorabilia on the river Thames this weekend, and that was the only ‘good’ news of the week, the rest was as dull as a re-issue of an old Christmas album.

We have to go through the holidays with that usual boredom and flatness, but we can survive, I certainly will! Soon the shows will happen again – there actually are a few good ones before Christmas – soon there will be so many of them that I will have a hard time to decide which one to go to. I will go through the holidays without buying too many music shirts and other music-lovers’ perfect gifts, as long as I stay away from Etsy and other crafty sites… Actually, the best thing I can do during the holidays is to buy the music I love, old or new, and listen to it.

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