Nothing Will Ever Change, Madonna Still Offends The Catholic Church

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‘There is no neutrality in faith, Obedience to God and His commandments must come before the arts,’ declared Singapore Archbishop Goh last month when Madonna stopped there with her ‘Rebel Heart’ tour. Think what you want about Madonna but she is still shocking the establishment. Today, the bishop of Auckland, Patrick Dunn, has spoken out ahead of Madonna’s concert in the city on Saturday: ‘There is no question in my mind that some of Madonna’s material is highly offensive to Christianity and will be found just as offensive to the majority of people of religious faith.’

According to the Guardian and the Herald, this is happening despite Madonna’s efforts to tone down elements of the show, which includes provocative stuff such as a ‘holy water segment which will feature dancers dressed as bikini-clad nuns performing on cross-shaped stripper poles’ and a stage shaped as a ‘huge crucifix that will span the arena with a heart-shaped “Rebel Heart” logo at the end’.

There is also a mock crucifixion, you know the usual Madonna business and I was already watching Madonna doing this at the top of fake copulation and masturbation on stage when I was a teen! And it was the 80’s!! But three decades later, the Catholic church is still offended by the same gimmicks? I wonder what this story reveals the most, that the church is obviously this archaic institution with a dinosaur mentality destined to perish in the cataclysm of the child-molestation scandals,… or that Madonna could update her act a bit?

Personally, I think people will never offend the church enough, if bishops are still outraged by a 80’s pop act in 2016, they should just shut up and we should ignore them. Plus, the church should offend every single person at the surface of the earth, has this bishop watched the movie ‘Spotlight’ yet? This is real life, things that really happened and destroyed lives. Madonna just makes fake nuns dance around a pole, give me a break…


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