Oldies But Goldies: A Smile From The Trenches

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With friends (and family) like mine, you hear of such obscure and underground bands that you never would’ve known existed. I was lucky enough to have an Escape the Fate-esque band called A Smile From The Trenches strongly suggested to me.
From lyrics to sound to the rawness of their voices, it’s almost stunning the similarities to original ETF. The song “Terror in the Girl’s Room” shoots me back in time to the sounds that first got me into hardcore music. Such a simple song that I think would be a flashback for old Escape The Fate fans. Similarities aside. ASFTT can stand on their own.

“Leave the Gambling for Vegas” is a catchy, fun, yet hardcore song. With the perfect screaming and spot-on vocals, it’s a song I could listen to all day long. In addition to the vocals, the breakdowns are impeccable. It’s rare that in this genre you find such a flawless musicianship.

The cover of Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” is incomparable. If I could choose which version I like better, without a doubt, I would choose A Smile From The Trenches. Not only is his lead singer Stoney Anderson wonderful, but the screaming is placed perfectly. A Smile From The Trenches can do no wrong and as noted ina previous post really need to cross over to the East Coast. We’re waiting.


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