Oldies But Goldies: Derek Jeter And Elvis Presley Separated At Birth

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Watching Jeter on Letterman and it was driving me crazy. Who does this guy remind me of? I’m thinking and thinking and than Jeet makes a smart ass comment and laughs wide and I get it. Jeter reminds me of Elvis Presley.

Some of that may be Presley being a black man in all but skin pigmentation and Derek the product of miscegenation makes them ethnically close to brothers. And, as the pictures above show, they have similar face shapes. And they are both tall, muscular, stunningly handsome men.

But mostly they handle themselves a million miles above arrogance. Both of them, in film, in tape conversations and interviews, and on the world stage, handle themselves with an implicit superiority and an absolutely certainty that at any given moment in any given social setting, they are the most interesting people in the room and (here’s the kicker) the people they are talking to know it.

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