Oldies But Goldies: In 2012, I Wrote This About David Bowie… No Idea Why

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An Excerpt From A Story In Progress: Always Crashing  In The Same Car

I punched him out over the cab, middle of rushhour, he comes dodging ahead of me and climbs in, im banging on the window, rolls down the window and flicks his cig at me, I got pissed, chased the cab a block till it stopped at the lights and jumped in… it wasnt pretty but neither is David anymore.

At first I had the upper hand, and I was punching Bowie viciously in his chest and stangling his thin white neck but Bowie finally managed to untangle his long legs and kicked me over and over again, I was leaning against the door when suddenly it opened and my upper torso was dangling seconds from the street.

The driver came to a complete stop and jumped out the cab cursing in Pakistani, and Boie and I tumbled together to the ground and at the feet of two cops.

We got carted off in a paddywagon and im still in lock up while Bowie made bail and is probably tweeting his story as we speak.


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